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Posted on:
Jan 06, 2011

Operation Pothole

"Operation Pothole" was a huge success. Thanks to the hard work of the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services and residents who called in tips about potholes that were rattling their nerves, more than 1300 potholes were filled on January 8th and 9th here in Council District 4. But there are more out there. We estimate there are as many as 100,000 potholes citywide creating driving hazards on city streets after the worst rain storms in recent memory in late December. The Bureau of Street Services needs residents to call 3-1-1 and identify the locations so that crews can fix as many as possible. "Call 3-1-1, one call to City Hall, and let us know where the potholes are. We all have our eyes to the ground looking for potholes, but we can't expect to find every single one. We need your help".

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